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Digitalization in COVID-19 with the new opportunities

In times of Corona, all of our lives have experienced certain limitations. Whether privately or professionally - the motto was retreat. Those who could work from the home office could only be reached via video calls and emails. We also had to limit ourselves socially. No dinner parties in the evening, no visits to restaurants or bars. And if we were ever drawn into the public eye, then only covered by a mask. Now that most of the restrictions have been lifted, we are gradually returning to our usual everyday life. However, many people only see that Corona regulations have restricted our lives. But Corona also has something good. Because it motivates companies to think more about digitization. The digital publishing platform YUMPU Publishing shows, how we might even benefit from the ongoing digitalization COVID-19 brought us. 

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Table of contents


How our working life is changing with digitalization

It is not only in private life that the consequences of restrictions are expressed. Anyone employed in a medium-sized to a large company that doesn't actively contribute to maintaining the system works from home. It is understandable that this often gets in the way of appointments and meetings.

Now, however, there are many ways to contact colleagues from the living room at home. Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams & Co. have proven this to us. But what happens now if entire annual general meetings have to be held online?

Officially, attendance is a mandator. Which, according to many companies with well over a thousand shareholders, would not be effectively implemented at all. And this is exactly where Corona has brought us a really big step forward.

Anyone who recently had to fly halfway around the world to attend business meetings and conferences can now do it all from home.

Guidelines have been changed and shareholders can now find themselves in an online video conference.

This was the case with the pharmaceutical company Bayer. Bayer decided to hold a digital shareholders' meeting in April. With success, as you can see!

Add some value to your documents

If you don't want to look old at such online conferences, you'd better get your documents in shape quickly. Nothing seems more unprofessional than badly prepared working materials, which - due to Corona - can suddenly only be distributed online.

So what to do with the brochures of the next big project? Or the documents that the boss usually wants to find printed out on his desk?

Digital magazine publishing provider YUMPU Publishing shows impressively on its website how digital publications can make our daily work easier in times of Corona. With just one click, all brochures or magazines are converted from a simple PDF file into a practical PDF to Flipbook HTML format.

The documents are presented error-free and can also be integrated into websites. You can also share via email and social media. If you want to impress your employees, boss, or business partners, you need high-quality working documents.

Digitization reaches the restaurants

After work there is again the opportunity to spend evenings with friends and colleagues in restaurants and bars. The only downside is that menus are often not served or available to a limited extent.

Due to the risk of infection, the staff has to disinfect every single menu after use - quite annoying!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could take out your mobile phone to scan a QR code that opens the digital menu?

The creators of YUMPU Publishing thought the same and offer their services for high-quality menus and cards. This is not only extremely practical for the staff, but also for the guests. Anyone who can order so conveniently and easily will be happy to come back.

The future of digital business – using new tools

Due to the strict restrictions, shopping was not possible as usual for a long time. Shops had to close. Borders were closed as well. Another industry that has been successful due to digital transformation is online trading.

If you can't go to the shop, just order online. The turnover rates hit the ceiling and the delivery services could hardly keep up with the demand. The only losers here were the companies. Those missed the jump and did not have a digital transformation strategy and user-friendly online catalogs in time.

The holding company of ZARA, Bershka & Co. had to close more than a thousand shops. The reason was the low turnover during the Corona period.

Those who have relied on the benefits of digital transformation with this business and a professional online shop from the very beginning are now reaping the rewards.

One way to do this is with YUMPU Publishing'S digital product catalogs.

This platform is knowable for its top usability. But not only this. It is possible to integrate the catalogs into an online shop.

With YUMPU Publishing's product range, digital change can be used to everyone's advantage. Whether for restaurants, service providers, or large companies.

For those who are ready for change, all doors are open with YUMPU Publishing even in times like these.

To adapt to the process of digitalization and the following trends we need new business ideas in terms of digitalization.

On the YUMPU Publishing website, you will find lots of ideas and helpful technologies. These will add extra value to your business at the time of digitalization.

Hi, I’m Michael Wilson. I am a creative, passionate digital marketing professional with over 12 years of expirience in online marketing. I love everything about digital publishing and that’s why I want to share my thoughts about this matter on my little blog. I hope you enjoy!