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Matchware and DiDA

MatchWare's DiDA

MatchWare's DiDA is a suite of applications with three programs from the DiDA suite of qualifications: OpenMind, Mediator, and ScreenCorder. The applications come from Edexcel which focuses on the practical application of technology. The software solves complications students encounter during difficult exam. Through DiDA, students are prepared for real-world utilization and advanced education. MatchWare's Suite increases a student's success rate while providing comprehensive solutions on all levels. The program provides students with technology to fulfill exceptional ICT projects that meet industry standards.

Creating E-Portfolios with OpenMind 2 Business

The DiDA program requires students to organize and design an e-portfolio incorporating individual tasks and exporting them into the appropriate format. The Moderator's toolkit can read the student's e-portfolio without complications. OpenMind Viewer is also in the kit. In OpenMind 2 Business, MatchWare's MindView mapping software is the best option for each task. But also be sure to check out the Joomag vs. Issuu review.

Students can plan projects through brainstorming and planning on MindMap or view projects as an integrated Gantt view or as a timeline. Export to HTML allows for a completely interactive DiDA portfolio. It is simple to structure the e-portfolio by attaching files to branches for text, pictures, sounds, and Flash. Students may hyperlink to any file format, such as pdf, SWF, HTML, txt, png, etc.

MindView Features

This suite features productivity tools for mind mapping as well as project management. There is a variety of mapping styles, and it includes various templates for customizing graphics, branch shapes, and map styles. Users also have the ability to upload personal images.

The software can display several views of a project; for example, it can view the mind map and then change into a hierarchical pyramid display. The chart view can make conversions quickly into a timeline, linear hierarchical list, or a Gantt chart display. Numeric values for production quantities, sales numbers, costs, and rates are options for enhancing displays.

Developed charts can be printed or exported as Microsoft Project Exchange files, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and synced with Microsoft Outlook. All Microsoft files are importable to MindView. The application also features email capabilities and a MindView viewer to share documents with clients or colleagues.

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