PDF to Flipbook Converter Online and Free? [A Step By Step Guide]

As a digital media producer and publisher, I always wished for a way to promote my ideas and business information in Flipbook animation format. That was until I discovered the free PDF to Flipbook service external.

But when you start trying to publish digital magazines and ebooks, there's one thing you have to keep in mind. You have to get it in the format that your readers like and are used to in the digital world. For digital publishers, this means finding the right software that will do what you need in half the time, without the exorbitant expense.

Table of contents:
  1. How to convert a PDF to Flipbook
  2. Features of this Flipbook Tool
  3. What's a "Digital Flipbook?"
  4. Why I love creating Flipbooks from PDF
  5. For developers only – jQuery Flipbooks
  6. Bonus One: Extra publishing options
  7. Bonus Two: Tips for spreading your Flipbook:
  8. A final word – Conclusion

1.) Convert a PDF to Flipbook:

Signup for the free PDF to Flipbook Software. It's pretty straight forward: Create an account to transform your first PDF into a Flipbook – it only takes minutes.

Follow these 6 Simple Steps to create your PDF to Flipbook:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a 100% free PDF to Flipbook Account here.
  • Step 2: Drag and drop your PDF into the upload box.
  • Step 3: Edit the look and feel of your Publication.
  • Step 4: Bonus: Integrate Video Files or Audio Sound.
  • Step 5: Bonus: Share it on Social Media.
  • Step 6: Bonus: Embed the Flipping Book into a Blog or website.

This images shows how to convert a PDF to Flipbook step by step.

My stunning Flipbook solution

Part of my journey to find a professional software that would tell me how to convert PDF to an amazing Flipbook, started with an extensive search online for a Converter that is compatible with both, Windows and MAC.

I downloaded and tried plenty of free Flipbook software products that claimed to be a PDF Converter. But none of them would actually transform your PDF to Flipbook online so that I could upload the PDF document right to the server without the hassle of having to find a format they would work on.

Then I discovered the page flipping PDF software solution Yumpu – which you don't have to download or install, because it's a web-base appilcation. It's a nifty digital maker that will convert your PDF  into a Flipbook  online in just a few minutes. Quick and easy:)

Italso gives you access to millions of users who browse for the page flipping content that you have to offer.

It also has HTML5 support which is really important to those who also publishing on mobile devices e.g. tablet and smartphone. And the best things is the pricing: it's absolutely free. The user-interface is available in english, but also in german.

What is Yumpu?

It's a cloud based digital magazine platform that allows you to quickly and easily take your standard PDF file and convert the PDF to a interactive Flipbook for free. Which means that you can also create multimedia-enhanced  catalogs, brochures and magazines without the cost. This is what a professional Flipbook looks in action: