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Read Online Magazine Free with the All-In-One-Platform

I have always enjoyed scrolling through all types of magazines, they always allowed me to keep up with the latest trends. Despite that, there was always one crucial problem I faced. It would be a costly affair to have a weekly subscription for each magazine. I required a subscription that would give me access and let me read all my favorite magazines online in one place. Out of all the websites I tried, I was finally able to find the one that gave me the best experience. YUMPU News provides me a website that allows me to read online magazine free.

Reading has never been more convenient, with digital access to all the new magazines, I can now enjoy my favorite titles. With YUMPU News, readers will have a new way to experience reading magazines on their desktops, laptop, tablets, and smartphones.

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What does YUMPU News offer?

To read online magazine free on YUMPU News is simple, readers just must sign in and search for their favorite magazine. With the web browser version of YUMPU News, you can read the magazines from your PC. But if you want to read magazines on your smartphone or tablet, you can download the YUMPU News app and register. You can find these in the App Store or Google Play.

And it goes further. With a subscription, you will be able to read magazines online from up to five different devices simultaneously on five unique profiles, making it a perfect subscription to share with the whole family, friends, or other persons that you love.

The subscription can be easily shared if you are signing in with the account details to access the subscription. Once signed in, the new member can create their profile to read their favorite magazines. With a subscription, users have unlimited access to all the magazines offered by YUMPU News, both new and back issues. The platform offers the best way to read online magazines free without any complications.

The website has many features that help users find exactly the magazines they want straight onto their PC. Starting from their homepage, users can scroll through the many available titles that are offered by the website.

YUMPU News also offers users the chance to download the app straight to their phone or tablet to access all the magazines. The endless features offered by YUMPU News allow users to navigate through the app and website seamlessly and without any hassle.

Functions of the platform

While using YUMPU News, users will be offered several convenient functions by the website the app which will allow them to have a great experience with this service. Starting from the homepage, users will be introduced to a clean and sophisticated interface that will grant them full and untethered access to all the functions.

To search for magazines, YUMPU News has a discover page where users can scroll through numerous titles of the latest issues of magazines from a lot of categories. While searching for magazines, users can look at the covers and read a short description with all the necessary information regarding the magazine.

Clicking on a specific magazine will open it as well as present users with all the issues offered by that specific magazine.

Readers will be able to bookmark their favorite magazines. this is to ensure that the user can find his magazine at a later point in time and can continue reading.

After selecting which magazine, they want to read, users can decide between the one-sided or double-sided magazine view. To read the text more clearly, users will be able to use the full-screen view function to turn their device into a real digital magazine.

Users can download magazines for offline reading as well in the app, to use them during times that they do not have access to an internet connection, for example during long journeys.

Personal Space

When users subscribe to YUMPU News, they will be granted access to their own “MyKiosk” area which gives them several useful functions to make their experience more enjoyable.

Through the “MyKiosk” area, readers can directly find all the magazines which they have added as their favorites without having to search for them every time.

Moreover, the “MyKiosk” area will show readers the magazines that they have set under their bookmarks.

Since YUMPU News allows up to five devices to be used simultaneously for each subscription, every subscription may also have five users creating their uniquely personalized “MyKiosk” area set to their preferences.

These are just a few of the numerous functions that make “MyKiosk” the perfect service to read online magazine free.

Subscribe to YUMPU News

Thanks to the numerous functions this app provide its users, many benefits come with a YUMPU News subscription.

The subscription is free for the first 30-days. After that, you can pay 9.97 euros per month if you like and have unlimited access to all magazines. This means that after 30 days you pay a fixed price per month and read all the magazines available on YUMPU News and you can mark your favorites and bookmark them. And the good thing about it is that it can be canceled at any time.

Anyone that wishes to find a service that will allow them to access all their favorite magazines in one place will find that YUMPU News is the perfect subscription for them. Besides, users can experience the services has to offer for free for a limited time.


Users have the chance to access high-quality magazines all from one platform. Whether they wish to keep up with the current news, follow the latest fashion trends, read about celebrities, or learn about the hottest travel destination, YUMPU News can provide all that and has plenty of famous magazines that consumers enjoy reading, allowing readers to discover new titles.

The personalized “MyKiosk” area further provides a neat and convenient page to find all the user’s favorite and bookmarked magazines for direct access.

With a subscription to YUMPU News, readers can create up to five individual profiles to use on five different devices, making it easy to share with family and friends.

Users will be able to access all the features offered by this app with access from their desktop, tablet, smartphone, and notebook.

To start, readers just have to sign in to their preferred device. Keeping up with the current issues has never been as easy as it is with a YUMPU News subscription.

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