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Convert PDF to Flipbook Free with the Digital Publishing Solution

Until recently I was on a mission of finding a way to convert PDF to flipbook free. However, every software that I tried cost too much or lacked my requirements. Luckily my colleague gave me a recommendation about software having all the functions that I needed while being free. YUMPU Publishing saved my time and resolved my frustrations with their software. Now I can convert PDF to flipbook free while being able to retain a high-quality flipbook. I'd like to share all discoveries that I made with this flipbook maker. That way you can see if this software is interesting for you to use too.

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How to convert PDF to flipbook free

Converting a PDF into a flipbook was really easy with YUMPU Publishing. Just load the PDF to the software and select the convert to flipbook button. The conversion is automatic, which was perfect for me.

All the functions that made me use YUMPU Publishing's software

There are several functions I discovered that made me enthusiastic about YUMPU Publishing's software to convert PDF to flipbook free. Firstly, the flip book maker is 100% free if you are a beginner regarding digital publishing. You have the option to purchase a premium plan, but this is only necessary if you need more features. The premium plans which you can choose from are the adFREE, WEBkiosk, APPkiosk and PROkiosk plans. Marketers will love this software as well due to it being optimized for all search engines. Regarding which devices this software can function on; it is supported on every single type of device and operating system. That means everyone can convert PDF to flipbook free. You can even put your logo on your flipbook in case you want your own brand on your flipbook.

Other functions of YUMPU Publishing's software to convert PDF to flipbook free include the ability to add the flipbook to all platforms, ranging from your website to social media. To share PDF on Facebook has never been easier for me. You can even embed video in PDF, or choose to embed audio in PDF when you run a business such as a podcast.

Advantages of Converting a PDF to a Flipbook Free

All functions that the online flipbook maker possesses, result in many advantages. Search engines make it more likely that your flipbook appears earlier in the search results. This is due to the PDF file being converted to an HMTL5 file, which is smaller. Google prefers pages with less data, so a small HTML5 flipbook helps a lot in this regard. The ultimate result is that your page will receive more traffic, especially since your page will load quicker.

Easily readable

Another advantage is that the content of the flipbook is easy to read for both mobile devices and on any browser. That way, the reading experience is more enjoyable. Together with the fact that the flipbook HTML5 has a high rendering speed, means that the process of reading is nearly perfect. On top of that, people are able to make use of an optimized viewing mode in both single and double pages. That way, you can see exactly what the flipping book HTML5 file will look like.

Finally, you can share the flipbook files on various social media. You can share PDF on Twitter, or even add PDF to Facebook post. Even adding the flipbook WordPress websites is nearly a seamless process.

What distinguishes this software from others?

While there are many options for software to convert PDF to flipbook free, there were some functions that made me fall in love with this software. For example, the ability to compress a PDF document in a way that is compatible with Google's content was a very attractive trait.


Additionally, you can customize the PDF file in such a way that it can be broken up into individual pages. These can even be indexed on an individual basis so that the files aren't that large anymore, causing my PDF Flipbook to skyrocket its position in the search engine ranking.

Another thing that I loved about this software is the page turning effect. A page-turning PDF that works well, can give you more views and a greater reach. This page turning software made it as comfortable as possible for people to read my PDF flip online.

Social media customization

The customization for creating a PDF to flipbook for free counts towards customization in the interactiveness of the PDF file itself as well. You can add hyperlinks in PDF, insert video in PDF, or even include photos in PDF. Even making a page flip flash is possible.

The finishing touch

YUMPU Publishing the best issuu alternative lets you customize your PDF to flipbook in a special way, and even software that converts a flipbook to PDF with such customization is extraordinary. The customization that is possible with this software made me rethink my flipbook possibilities.

A Flipbook without issues

Overall, my flipbooks are as close to perfect as they can be as I can create a flipbook from PDF without trouble. Whether you want to know how to make a flipbook online or need to know how to make a digital flipbook; this software will help you as much or maybe even more than it did for me. The process of making a flipping book free online has never been easier.

Hi, I’m Michael Wilson. I am a creative, passionate digital marketing professional with over 12 years of expirience in online marketing. I love everything about digital publishing and that’s why I want to share my thoughts about this matter on my little blog. I hope you enjoy!