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In June of last year, I decided to take the plunge and start my very own, new car magazine. As the owner, main employee, and with only very small support staff and income, I knew I had to reach way more people than I was with traditional advertising (for which I was paying an absolute fortune!). I had been looking for the perfect software able to publish content with images, audio, and more, and most importantly, one that allowed me to use my existing PDF content in a new and exciting way. I had been getting constantly frustrated working with PDF files and HTML and found them quite limiting (and HTML code confusing) but my tech guru friend Jill, soon set me onto something new and pretty exciting! Flipbook Creator!

The Flipbook Creator from YUMPU Publishing is free, mobile-ready, easy to use, and interactive in the cloud -there is nothing I don't love about this Flipbook maker! The Flipbook creator can turn PDFs into a page flipping book that looks and feels just like a real one. The 3D flipbook creator is everything you ever wanted from an online publishing tool and more. Did I mention it's also 100% free?

With features like page shadows and pages that look and act like real ones, you'll soon be wondering why you haven't already switched! A digital flipbook also scores points when it comes to a significantly lower cost of publishing. Online flipbooks also rank much higher in the Google and Bing search engine than any other online content.

You can use the flipbook editor to create content for fashion magazines, food publications, restaurant websites, art galleries, or coffee shops. When it comes to pleasing your customers, flipbooks' high-quality images and graphics are superior to print and the interactive features mean they are colorful, appealing, and much more eye-catching than traditional publications.

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What can the Flipbook creator do?

  • Add multimedia files.
  • Share on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Embed content on your website.
  • Integrate links, audio, and video files with a click.
  • Your content can be accessed on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers and includes YouTube videos, adverts, SEO, pictures, weblinks, and news banners, to expand your reach. You can customize your designs, view daily statistics, and embed content using the flipbook editor.

So how does the Flipbook Creator work?

Flipbook software transforms PDFs into HTML5 instantly - all you need to do is upload your PDF! Next, you can add any extras, like sound effects, audio files, videos, and shadows. The flipbook creator from YUMPU Publishing is a free flipbook maker that allows anybody to create a digital HTML flipbook in a few easy steps. You don't need any experience to create your own flipping book online, you can transform PDF to flipbook free by following some simple steps and get some great benefits:

  • Increased sales
  • Reach more customers
  • Get to know your audience
  • Earn advertising income
  • 100% free flipbook creator for life!

With the PDF to flipbook creator, you can create free flipbooks 100% free! The online flipbook maker makes it easy to create, publish are share your PDF documents in an attractive format that is pleasing for the user and the free page turning software makes it a snap to create a professional format for all your content and advertising.

You can create your own page turning PDF to display and share your magazine and create brochures and catalogues for your content, projects or products. You can embed video in PDF to enhance your content and make it more attractive to your subscribers. If you want to share your PDF on Facebook or simply create a hyperlink in PDF, you can do that too.

Free HTML to PDF

With the flipbook editor, you can create a flipping book html5 in minutes and add video to PDF files instantly! You can easily add links in PDF files and transform basic content into exciting viewing in minutes. You can share a PDF on Twitter or Facebook in seconds. YUMPU Publishing has created an exciting product that truly transforms you into a HTML wizard without even trying.

To turn a pdf into a flipbook you simply need to sign up, access the flipbook editor and follow the easy steps. You will need an existing PDF or you can create a PDF and upload it to your free flipbook software. You can create a 3D flipbook that presents your products in a beautiful and enticing way, then link them directly to your website or shop, increasing your reach and generating more advertising income.

Some of the most influential corporations in the world use the flipbook software to reach potential and existing customers - such is the power of flipbooks in the mainstream media! Anyone can make a flipbook online free by simply creating a free account and following the steps on how to make a flipbook online.

The free editor makes you look like a pro designer with years of experience. You can get a flip book maker free with YUMPU Publishing. Start by uploading your PDF into the editor and then insert your audio into the PDF using the online tools.

How to use the flipbook software?

The software allows tech novices to easily upload PDF files and transform them into attractive content. If you don't understand HTML coding (like me) you will find the whole process really easy to understand. If (also like me) you don't want to pay for online coding or publishing then this is the way to go! Your PDF pages are also optimized and individually indexed for you - which takes up less space.

Here are the basic steps to get you started:

  1. Go to the YUMPU Publishing website and create a free account.
  2. Upload your PDF files.
  3. Once uploaded, edit details like the page description and titles.
  4. Add video, audio, or hyperlinks.
  5. Embed the content on your website.
  6. Click the share button to share on Facebook and other social media sites.
  7. Publish as often as you want!
  8. Get your Flipbook Creator free

The flipbook creator is the easiest way to create an html5 flipbook from PDF files. You can convert a PDF to flipbook free without any other software or downloads. The flipbook creator is all you need to create elegant, marketable content. Use the page turning effect to create sophisticated transitions between pages and share streaming content. You can publish your content between platforms easily using your free PDF flipbook creator.

Paid Models

The free version has all the tools you need to get started with making flipbooks but if you need an advanced set of flipbook tools, sign up for a paid YUMPU Publishing membership - this is the best issuu alternative

Premium models include your own logo, advertising-free content, protection of your content, and more. WEBkiosk includes space for 100 magazines per account and your own subdomain while the APPkiosk plan is a cross-channel and cross-app device with your own personalized app preferences. With PROkiosk you can enhance the function of your WEB- and APPKiosk by setting up in-app purchases for Android and iOS app, importing subscription data, and sending push messages!

Get the flip book maker free online

The software is by far the most user-friendly PDF to flipbook converter free offering that I have ever used and this nifty little flip book maker contains all the tools you need to create a flipbook from a pdf free for your lifetime and with absolutely zero fuss. Get yours for free from YUMPU Publishing now!