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Lightweight PDF Reader - Free and with an example!

Lightweight PDF Reader - Free and with an example!

I had already succeeded in embedding my PDF files into my website, but it was loading like the days of dial-up modems. It was driving me and my readers crazy! I was looking for a lightweight PDF reader and found YUMPU Publishing and now everything is loading smoothly. Plus, I no longer have an issue with my embedded PDF not playing nicely with mobile devices and social media sites. It's also now possible to almost effortlessly embed sign-up forms, videos or audio files into a PDF format.

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Table of contents

Finding a great free lightweight PDF reader

It took a little bit of research, but it's been so incredibly worth my time and effort. The wonderful thing about this digital publishing site is that it's free, and it beautifully simulates the experience of reading brochures, magazines, catalogs or really anything I want to publish. It has millions of very active readers and offers over 20 million publications that are readable in an elegant format on any type of device. I've found it a great way to open up the readership of my magazine at no cost, so it's taken a lot of stress off me and my tight marketing budget.

I love the fact that all I have to do is upload a PDF file and YUMPU Publishing will do the conversion from PDF to flipbook and display it in an easy to read lightweight PDF reader that is like turning the pages in a magazine. Another fantastic plus is the fact that everything I upload is stored in the cloud, so there aren't any worries about losing hours and hours of hard work because of a system crash. There are so many titles for culture, arts, and fashion, so readers have easily been finding my pop culture magazine and creating quite a nice buzz for me in the online community that is full of avid readers.

This service has a system referred to as ePaper, and it has seven benefits that make my life so much easier when it comes to the look of my magazine. A study conducted by Digital Publishing supports how well YUMPU Publishing works if you don't want to just take my word for it. The benefits I've seen are:

  • ePaper is easy to embed and can be read on any website or blog. With its lightweight PDF reader, it supports all devices

  • It's interactive and support sounds, hyperlinks, and videos

  • There are 2.5 times more page views when compared to a downloadable PDF

  • It features a double-sided presentation that offers a natural reading experience

  • There are 12 times more readers through Google and it is indexed by search engines

  • It's very easy to share on social media

  • The load time is much faster than a standard PDF

Embed and read PDF on favorite platforms like Wordpress & Facebook

I love the fact that I can easily embed on my favorite platforms which include my Wordpress site and business Facebook page. It allows me to quickly reach thousands of potential readers in minutes. I also don't have to worry about whether or not readers will be able to see my magazine, because YUMPU Publishing looks equally beautiful on iPhones, Ipads, Androids, Mac OS and Windows. I know this because I never get emails from readers complaining that the formatting is impossible or hard to read on their devices or computers. It's made my working life so much easier.

This lightweight PDF reader is ready to Embed PDF in HTML and completely optimized for search engines like Google, Firefox, Chrome and even less commonly used search engines like Opera. It's easy to change background colors and add or update my logo as well. The ability to customize makes me feel like YUMPU Publishing was built just for me and my readers.

I love the ability YUMPU Publishing gives me to be fully integrated into Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. It allows my magazine to spread like wildfire with little effort on my part. Another plus is I can now embed audio interviews with people my readers are interested in hearing and they load and run flawlessly. I can also link my readers to my eBay shop where I sell all kinds of pop culture memorabilia. This has increased my sales, so now I'm on the lookout for even more items to add to the shop. This came as a complete, but very happy surprise.

Excellent customer support

Finally, I can't say enough about the excellent customer support I receive when I need to call YUMPU Publishing. Everyone is very helpful, and I never, ever feel like I'm asking stupid questions. When I was first getting started, a support person stayed on the line with me for nearly an hour as I worked my way through getting everything in order. She even called back the next day to see how I was doing! It was amazing because tech support is often bad or simply not available on a free site.

This PDF brochure service has completely freed me to do what I do best: write articles and arrange interviews for my magazine. I'm creating more content than I ever did before, and my bank account is reaping the happy cash benefits. It's great to let YUMPU Publishing do what it does best, and I highly recommend the lightweight PDF reader to anyone who has a publication they want to get in front of millions of readers.

Hi, I’m Michael Wilson. I am a creative, passionate digital marketing professional with over 12 years of expirience in online marketing. I love everything about digital publishing and that’s why I want to share my thoughts about this matter on my little blog. I hope you enjoy!