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PDF brochure creation like a champ

PDF brochure creation like a champ

Let me start by saying that I think I have found the best solution for creating a PDF brochure. Those PDF brochures created with this service look really great. It's a free web application and is called YUMPU Publishing.

If you are in online publishing like me, then you know how often brochures come up. I handle a lot of different kinds of content, but brochures always seem to be popular. This has driven me to try to find a good way to make brochures quickly without compromising on quality.

I need to be able to count on the service to deliver a product that is going to look good online to a variety of different readers. That is much harder than it sounds. There are a lot of services and programs for people like me who create PDF brochures and similar products, both free and paid, and it takes time to sort through all of them.

But first, a little backstory. A few months ago, I started looking for good ways to make brochures. I started out with PDF brochure templates, but they just didn't cut it. I don't like the way PDF brochure templates make your content look cookie-cutter. It's just sloppy. There's a wide range of freebie services that promise to dress up raw PDFs in some way, but most of them have significant drawbacks. For example, one common trick is that even though they don't charge any money, they stick their own ads into the finished brochure. On top of the fact that this siphons readers away from your stuff, it also makes the final product look really unprofessional. Some of the other options just look bad, or they force you to host the brochure on the service's website, not your own. That isn't a good deal.

The paid services tend to be better, but that is just trading one problem for another. This isn't the time economically to make big investments in software or a subscription just to make PDF brochures look somewhat better than otherwise. I can't deny that the results from the paid services are superior to most of the free ones, but it just isn't worth the expense.

I was getting worried that I wouldn't have a good way to create PDF brochures. At random, though, I heard from a friend who had just gone through a similar search. He told me that he was using YUMPU Publishing to create his page flipping PDF and sent me a link. As soon as I saw the feature list, I was in. It's a free service, but it has all the best features of the paid ones. Here's a summary of the things this service can do. First of all, it doesn't stick ads in the PDF brochures. That's a major relief. Next, it works with any kind of browser or device, so it is accessible to just about any reader. There is another step to this line of thinking: social media sharing. The format that the service uses, which is called ePaper, is also indexed by all the major search engines. That gives it a distinct edge: it is the most accessible and easy to share a way to make brochures.

YUMPU Publishing also loads up on other features. For example, you can put an audio or video file into a brochure, which can be a really cool effect. You can also link it to anything else. There is no restriction on the branding you can use with the service. It just can't be beaten when compared with the free services out there. As far as the paid services go, this tool can compete with them as well. It really is quite a good option. YUMPU Publishing manages to be easy to use in addition to all of its features, and the brochures that it creates turn out well. The support staff is friendly and helpful. YUMPU Publishing does have a paid tier, but the free version just gives you so many features that you don't even need the paid version. If you are looking for a way to create brochures from PDFs to publish online, then you can't go wrong with YUMPU Publishing.

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