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    • Having normal PDF files on your site is so 1999! Flipbooks are a great way to show your readers your up to date!

  1. Hey Michael,

    Thanks for your post. Didn’t know about yumpu before. I will be using this from now on whenever I need to convert PDFs to a Flipbook or even a magazine.



  2. Wow, such a great and helpful article. Will be sharing this with some of my peers as they have been looking for something like this, Thanks!

  3. Great tool if you are looking for conversion done fast and easy and best of all… FREE! I really like it and thanks to Michael, I will be using it much more.

  4. Fantastic service! People are no longer satisfied with plain old PDF’s and this helps keep things looking fresh with the flipbook style while potentially exposing our publications to millions of members on their network. Thanks for putting me on to it!

  5. Never heard of Yumpu before. Will have to give them a try and come back here and let you guys know what I discovered. I’ve tried other tools and services that were supposed to do similar things but usually required an outlay of cash if you didn’t want their logo all over you flipbook. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Multimedia seems to be the way everything is going these days. Just having a PDF ebook isn’t enough – it doesn’t have enough presentation to get it noticed. Anybody used it yet?

  7. I referred one of my clients over and they were going to give it a whirl. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll post back here on their experiences with it to let people know. Thanks!

  8. Hello Michael!
    How can I change the logo on the flipbook pdfs?
    Right now there is only the Yumpu logo but I would like to see my own logo there.

  9. Yes.
    I wanted to test the free version first.
    Right now it looks promising – only that I can´t change the logo…

    • It´s not possible to change to your corporate design if you use the free version.
      If you really wanna change your logo you should try at least the ADFREE product – it´s only 8 € / month.

  10. I see some of you guys already used Yumpu.
    How did you like it?
    I wasn´t happy with my former provider. My website was loading really slowly as soon as I embedded the PDF etc.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  11. Hello Ashley,

    I was very happy with this Yumpu.
    It´s actually really easy to understand. The guide helped me a lot to get my flipbook done in a really short time. Also I had no problems with loading times – everything worked super fast.
    I can only recommend it!

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