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  1. See my email to the CEO of Joomag which received NO response. The issues you read about within have STILL not been fixed. I am now 4 days behind my print schedule with no end in sight. If the CEO can’t even delegate this to the right person to be handled, just imagine how awful the regular customer service is. We’ve gone back and forth with these people countless times, and each time they give the same responses, and return our PDF with additional errors the next day. I have never written a bad review for any company, this is one for the books:

    Mr. Vardanyan, I wanted to first let you know how much we have enjoyed using Joomag’s platform. Until recently, when I have not received adequate service despite our Gold membership subscription. I understand you are very busy, but I think you would like to be made aware of my experience, so this process can be corrected.

    Allow me to explain, we have new relationships with several contracted venues who were promised the print copy of our magazine by the end of this week. Easily achievable because our magazine was complete and I had a deal constructed with our printers to produce them in two days in order to meet our deadline.

    Tuesday morning, we tried to download our PDF from Joomag and came to find the system does not work properly. Upon speaking with someone, I was very admit that this was a time sensitive issue and needed the PDF same day. The customer service was not accommodating, and stated that they would be sending our corrected PDF by email (because the customer side was in beta but on Joomag’s side, they would be able to download it correctly) but the earliest they could have it was the following morning.

    Wednesday morning, I received an email not with a corrected PDF but with a link to once again, our side, which still contained over 20 errors. I emailed back that there were still errors and received no response.

    A few hours later, I called again and asked to speak with a manager, but was kept on the line with the representative instead, who my partner had to meticulously go through each error contained in the magazine. She then said another day would be needed to correct it, and the latest we would receive the PDF was Thursday morning.

    It is Thursday afternoon. I am now more than two days behind schedule. I will not be able to deliver on my promise of having the magazines finished this week. And I still have not received a response from Joomag. I tried calling this morning but cannot get through on any lines.

    This experience has been highly frustrating. Not only has this situation not been handled correctly from a customer service perspective, but I am yet to receive a finished product. For the amount that we pay for our subscription to this service, this delay is simply unacceptable, and is costing me quite a bit of money and my reputation with these venues is not being upheld.

    I would appreciate it you could provide some feedback on this experience and please have our PDF corrected as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.


    Natalee Kennedy

    • Dear Natalee,

      I’m afraid I can’t help you with your issue. I’m just a blog owner who wrote a review about Joomag. I’m not NOT affiliated with Joomag in any way! I hope things get solved quickly.

      Best, Michael

  2. Hi Michael, I am sorting through digital publishing software for my magazine and was wondering if Yumpu needs or has any subscription management software that goes with it. I very much want to build a marketing database that can be hard to do when publishing on the major platforms.

    Thanks for the info,



  3. Bahhaaa! Good response Michael to Natalee and more importantly, thanks for the review of Yumpu. I’m going to give it a try and will let you know how it goes.

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